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“An Announcement for Members of CAM:

Speaking, Writing, Reading and Teaching Latin at the MFA

Dr. James Dobreff has brought a new teaching style to UMass Boston, where the majority of instruction in elementary Latin is now done in Latin. The core of the department’s approach revolves around (1) Hans H. Ørberg’s Lingua Latina per se illustrata series, (2) speaking and writing Latin as a foundation for the teaching of grammar and syntax and (3) multifaceted group activities inside and outside the classroom.

He has designed a two-part workshop in which teachers can learn more about this active approach. The morning will be devoted a two-hour seminar at the Riley Conference room at the MFA. The focus will be on how Ørberg’s text can be used in a classroom and how teachers – even those without much spoken Latin – can develop spoken-Latin exercises. After lunch, we turn to a practical exhibition of how we can use the amazing collections of Boston’s MFA to improve our Latin skills while nourishing our cultural souls.

Participants who desire PDP’s will then have a month (until March 2) to complete a series of readings and develop a set of their own activities. We’ll reconvene at the MFA and all of us will have a chance to lead an activity of our own making. After lunch, we’ll discuss what we’ve done, heard, seen and learned.

Meet: at 10:15 AM, Saturday Feb. 9, 2013, at the Riley Seminar Room of the Museum of Fine Arts

Charge: Free for members of CAM. Note, however, that you will have pay admission to the MFA; lunch is available in various venues, ranging from the “Bravo” ($$$) to the “Garden Cafeteria” ($) in the basement.

Registration and Further Information: Please email Prof. Dobreff (james.dobreff@umb.edu). The workshop is limited to twenty participants.”

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