NEH Summer Seminar for Pre-Collegiate Teachers

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ROMAN DAILY LIFE IN PETRONIUS AND POMPEII an NEH Summer Seminar for Pre-Collegiate Teachers (July 16-August 3, 2018) In the summer of 2018 (July 16-August 3), there will be an NEH Summer Seminar for pre-collegiate teachers on the topic of Roman Daily Life. This seminar is an opportunity to read Petronius and some graffiti in Latin and look at Pompeian archaeology for various topics of Roman daily life. The Petronius reading forms a central core of the seminar, and thus an intermediate level of Latin proficiency (1 year of college level Latin) is required. The seminar will be held in St. Peter, Minnesota (1 hour from Minneapolis) on the campus of Gustavus Adolphus College. The NEH pays each person $2700 to participate, which will more than cover the living and…
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Thank You from Sara Cain

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Societati Ipsae Sara SPD Thank you to the officers as well as the membership of the Classical Association of Massachusetts for your camaraderie, collegiality, and commendation. I was surprised to hear that I would be receiving the 2017 Certificate for Excellence in Teaching and honored to accept the award among friends at the CAM annual business meeting during MaFLA’s Jubilee 50th Annual conference in Springfield, MA. As I reflected on the year since ACTFL replaced MaFLA’s Annual Meeting in November 2016, I saw some important milestones in my career and Latinity that, when looked at as a whole, certainly help to relieve some of the anxiety that I (nd i expect many of us) have as I work toward better Latinity and better teaching. Just before that ACTFL conference, I…
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