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Visit the Met Museum, New York, Sat. Oct.3.

CAM cordially invites all Latin teachers from across MA to join CAM for
a one-day (all-day) trip to New York City to visit the collection of Greek & Roman Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Saturday, October 3. All participants will have an opportunity, if they wish, to practice spoken Latin amidst one of the world’s greatest collections of art ancient and modern!

The bus ride to New York will include art history trivia, Latin games,
and an activity swap / teacher exchange. The museum visit will feature
an optional 2-hour spoken Latin tour of the collections hosted by our
active Latin expert and CAM Vice-President, Prof. James Dobreff of
UMass Boston. We will depart from the Riverside T station (exit #22
off of 95/128) at 6:00 a.m., making an additional stop in Western /
Central MA (TBD) at approximately 7 a.m. We will tour the museum from
11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. We will then visit Eataly downtown for an
optional Cena Latina and an opportunity to stock up for the ride home.
We should return to Western / Central MA at approximately 7 p.m. and
Riverside at about 8 p.m. All participants will be awarded 10 content

The CAM board has agreed to subsidize the visit in part. The cost of
the trip (which includes travel to and from NYC & admission to the
museum) is $90. The cost for current graduate students is $50.

See our flyer: CAM Met Museum Visit Oct 3

Click on this link to reserve your spot now!

Latin and CAM at MaFLA!

MaFLA’s 48th annual conference is October 29-31, 2015 and regular
registration ends September 26, 2015.

10/30 :

8- 11 AM Ted Zarrow “Let Your Students Sell Your Program: Latin
Projects Beyond the Classroom”

10/30 : 75- minute sessions

  • A. Gregory Stringer “Becoming Comprehensible: Easy, Practical Ways to Use Second Language Acquisition Research”
  • B. Alice Lanckton “Carmina et sacra quibus melius Latinam docere possis”
  • C. Keynote, Greg Duncan
  • D. Thomas J. Howell “Coins in the Classroom”
  • E. Sara Cain “Reading Strategies: Summarizing with a Purpose”
  • F. Jocelyn Demuth “Mythology Role Playing Games in the Latin Classroom”

10/31 :

  • G.Jacqui Carlon “Nunc est scribendum: Writing for Mastery”
  • H. Maureen Keleher “Bringing Latin and Its Vivacity into the 21st Century”
  • J. Ted Zarrow CAM Annual Business Meeting


We hope to see you at one or all of these events!

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